Being educated in English let’s one access a large assortment of knowledge as a copious amount of information and data are available in English by default. English is universally recognizable and lets people of different languages around the world use it to get a point across to some extent without having to know multiple languages. For the above stated and a multitude of other reasons, whether you like it or not, fluency in English has become a staple in judging one’s educational background in general terms. 

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Five ways in which you can improve your english skills

1. Listen with great care:-

The most basic yet exceptionally effective method to learn not just English but any language is to listen to what the native people of those languages speak and converse with each other. This helps you to get familiar with the sounds, accents and pronunciations of the words. Do not take the trouble and stress yourself to memorize the exact words you heard, just try to grasp the overall meaning of what they said and little by little, it will help you to form your own sentence to express your thoughts. Listening to people use certain words in certain situations helps you to increase your discretion.

Five Ways To Improve Your English Skills
2. Read profusely

Reading is a great tool that enables you to be enlightened with a plethora of new words. If you feel like reading an English newspaper is stale and tiring, just take up a magazine, comic book, youtube comment section, an internet blog or anything of your choice and likings. Go through it thoroughly and try to make sense of what you just read. You will get to know words, idioms and phrases you’ve never known before. This allows you to expand your vocabulary more and express your thoughts in different ways. Reading also lets you be acquainted with the spellings of many words.

Five Ways To Improve Your English Skills
3. Watch a lot of stuff

This is one of the fun steps in learning English as you get to watch a bunch of your favourite shows, series, and movies in english. Don’t see, watch! This step requires the previous two steps of listening and reading to be put into use at the same time as you are going to listen to what they are saying as you read the subtitles. Watching characters in the movies/series interact and joke with each other on a daily basis gives you an idea on how to form casual conversations with people in real life without having to interact with them and possibly embarrassing yourself. Watching YouTube videos of certain subjects helps you to learn about wordings that are only exclusive for those specific subjects. And do not limit your watch time with just english media but also watch movies of your own language with english subtitles on. It helps you to know and phrase sentences from your own language in english.

Five Ways To Improve Your English Skills
4. Search for meanings

During listening, reading and watching, you are destined to come across many new found words to which you don’t know the meaning of. In this age and days, learning the meanings of words is just fingertips away, making the usage of dictionaries obsolete. Make the absolute use of the technology at your disposal and google the semantics of every new, layered, complex word/phrases/idioms you encounter. Another important step is to search and know the synonyms of different words as it helps you to eliminate the repetition of same words in the sentence and lets you phrase your thoughts in a more professional and in different ways.

Five Ways To Improve Your English Skills
5. Pragmatic application

Take all the things you learned from your previous steps and try to implement them in your routine day-to-day life. Start it off by having a conversation going on social media platforms and public forums online. Then move it up to forming conversation within your friends circle and don’t be shy in correcting each other. Do not be hesitant to have a back and forth with well-versed or native English speaking people as it helps you to gain confidence and be comfortable to express yourself in english. Sure there are going to be mistakes and shortcomings but always remember that those are all a part of the overall procedure in meeting your expected standard in English speaking as we humans always learn from our errors.


Be consistent with your efforts and level up yourself day by day from “trying” to “naturally” speak english on the flow.

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