Having good communication skills is necessary, regardless of your existing skills. To advance on your career, you need to work on your English communication. They can impact every facet of your life. The level of proficiency in your communication determines how well you are in your personal as well as professional front.

Ways to improve your Communication skills

1.Read, Write and Listen

Reading helps to strengthen your English and also sharpens your sentence structure.It gives you a better command over the english language.

Writing is also an important part of communication. Good writing skills will allow you to communicate clearly and effectively.

Listening will help you to grasp the body language, intonation and accents thereby improving your communication skills.The key to develop your listening skills is to listen to audiobooks and podcasts to practise the receptive listening skills.

2.Vocabulary Book

To increase your knowledge in vocabulary and to learn new words,maintain a separate book and take note of the new words you come across.Note the new word, meaning and the usage in sentences.Go through the new words often and try to use those new words in your speaking.


3.Language Learning Apps

Download language learning apps from a reliable source and use them during long travel.These apps will have video and audio clips that aids in building your accuracy and help you to know the language through role plays and activities.

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4.Voice Record

Recording your speech and listening is the best way of correcting your pronunciation.Decide on a topic and speak for over 2 minutes and play it back.You will be able to identify errors and figure out your areas of improvement.

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5.Reading Books/Newspaper

Engage yourself in reading books like novels,biographies and articles from newspapers.When you read such articles you will come across new words and the usage of such words that will help to grow your knowledge in vocabulary.

Learning English is a wonderful journey that gets more and more interesting when passing through each phrase.Use your imagination and find innovative ways to learn the language.

Being able to communicate and write in English improves your career prospects.Starting from resume writing to answering the questions during the interview makes you the best-fit candidate.It also influences your ability to learn new skills.

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